Premier Equine Tech Grip Pro Anti-Slip Correction Saddle Pad BLACK


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Black One Size FULL  Length 57cm Depth 31cm        (can be ordered in Brown, Grey, Navy and White)

An innovative anti-slip correction pad designed to help adjust the fir of your saddle.

Complete with a total of 8 insert shims, you can quickly adjust the depth of the pad at both front and back to achieve the perfect balance and fit for any saddle. This saddle pad also features a gel print overlay and anti-slip fabric on the underside, which helps keep your saddle in place and prevents the pad/saddle moving. High wither design relieves pressure over the wither and spine.

Tech grip gel anti-slip system

Soft anti-slip technology inner

High wither design

Shock absorbing

Relieves pressure over the wither and spine

Minimises heat and sweat build up

Comes with 8 insert shims (4 x 6mm thickness & 4 x 14mm thickness)

Machine washable (30 degrees) remove shims prior to washing and dry naturally