Premier Equine Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask



The Premier Equine Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask has been engineered to provide a smart 360 degree protection solution for horses against flies. The easy pull-on design is strapless for safety, crafted from a breathable four way stretch lycra for comfort, and helps to provide a secure custom like fit which helps prevent bugs and flies crawling under the mask and causing irritation.

Sensory zones such as the eyes and ears are protected bt a flexible durable mesh, engineered with a degree of stability helping it to stand away from the face as to not cause irritation. The breathable and lightweight nature of the mesh allows for airflow, vital to the health of the sensory organs it is protecting

A fly mask ideal for horses who require a high degree of protection

Size Guide :

Small : 13.2hh – 14.2hh

Medium : 15.2hh

Large : 16.2hh

Extra Large : 17.2hh

360 degree custom like fit

Pull-on design

Mesh ears and eyes

Four way stretch lycra

Anatomically shaped for comfort

Opening for the forlock to be pulled through for added comfort

Approx 70% UV reflective

Comes inside a complimentary, re-usable zip fastened storage bag